It’s About Time

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 9.23.59 PMNo, really… I decided my first blog would be on “time”. With the recent creation debate, that I blew off on purpose, folks seem to have Genesis 1 on the brain. I love how people try to prove God created the world, and that he did it in six 24 hour days. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about God as creator.

It’s the whole 24 hour thing I have a huge problem with.

First, we all need to agree God is not trapped in time. We are, but He is not.
He made it.He lives outside of it.
The creator controls the created.

He could live in time, but some cosmic fireball is not forcing God to do so. Especially some random one that isn’t even in the center of the universe. Putting God on a “time” table puts this created/creator thing completely out of whack. Since he formed everything in existence, how do we know he would limit himself to 24 hour days? That is a little eco-centric don’t you think? Then there’s the whole decision of which created planet to go by for his time table. Mars? Jupiter? One we haven’t even heard of but its His favorite because every hill has a hot tub and a free slushie machine?

Here are the facts:

Day one, God created light and dark. Awesome.
Day two, God separated the waters and created sky. Love it.
Day three, God created land, seas, and vegetation. I’m a fan.
Day four, God created the sun, the moon, and the stars.


Our sun wasn’t even around until day four. Now, could God, if He so chose in days one through three, given himself 24 hours just for fun to get it all done? Absolutely. He is God. It also says God spoke the world into creation. It was easy for him. What if it only took what we would classify as seconds? Could he do that?

Absolutely. He is GOD.

To say He definitely chose to limit himself to a 24 hour time table, when God’s zippo lighter hadn’t been unwrapped yet to torch our star, shows we are trying to define a being we will never understand. He is God, we are not. If we understood him we would be equal to him. And that just isn’t going to happen, not on this or any other planet.

…even the one with the slushie machine.



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