The Gospel is More Than You Think

I was doing research for a Youth sermon this week and ran across the word “gospel”. I started to wonder where we got this term and what I found was cool as ten o’clock grits.

That’s right…. grits.

The Hebrew word for gospel is Bisar.  It means to proclaim victory over an enemy. If the army won a battle, a message of Bisar would be sent home.  In ancient Greek culture the word euangelizesthai meant the same thing, proclaiming victory over an enemy.

When the Bible was written the Greek word had changed a bit to euanggelion which meant “to proclaim” anything.  You could proclaim love, that you were going to kill someone, or that you were moving in with your auntie and uncle to Bel Air.

Once the Bible went English, the early translators used the word Godspell. This means “the story about a god”. But it refers to any god. Zeus, Baal, Thor – surely Loki was exempt – and of course, the God of the universe. Godspell was eventually shortened to “gospel” and became partnered with the idea of Christ.

When we talk about the gospel, reducing it to “the good news” seriously undersells the original intent. The gospel is Jesus defeating the enemy. To live out the gospel doesn’t just mean to tell people about God.  To live out the gospel means having Jesus as the victor in your life.

Every day.

Victory over death.
But also victory over worry.

You have the Gospel/ Godspell/ crazy Greek word/ Bisar in your life.
Enjoy your day and live it like you mean it.

To read more about the term “gospel”, see where I got this stuff.




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