Broken and Waiting

brokenTennis is supposed to be a “safe” sport. It’s non-contact, doesn’t have any sharp, metal objects, and typically the worse thing that happens is sunburn or shin splints.

Unless you are my daughter…

Today at her tennis lesson she was lobbing some zingers over the net. This is huge, since hitting anything over the net consistently is new to us.

Baby Girl was tired, and was walking back to her spot.

It was hot,
she was weary,
and she tripped.

And not just any old trip. This was a backwards, out of nowhere, trip-over-her-own-feet-that-no-one-saw-coming fall. The next thing we know, there were loud cries of serious pain.

I hate that sound.
It is horrid.

My husband ran over to her to check on her.
She was holding her arm, and I could see him checking her out.

We immediately went to see “Pop”, who is a retired eye doctor. Don’t judge me – eyes and arms are not that different. It was after five, and I wanted to know if she needed to be seen and “fixed” tonight.

McGuyver has NOTHING on my dad. He looked at Baby Girls arm, and knew it was at least sprained. We were going to have to wait for an X-ray in the morning to see if it was broken. Some newspaper and duct tape (I kid you not) and we had a mighty-fine homemade splint.

But then we had to wait.
I HATE waiting.

Have you ever had something in your life you KNEW was broken, but for whatever reason you had to wait to fix it?

Maybe it is a broken relationship, and you are waiting for the “right time” to mend it.
It could be a strained friendship, or a co-worker partnership that is hanging by a thread.

God knows all about broken relationships. Think about Cain and Abel, David and Saul, Joseph and his brothers, Jesus and Judas.

James 5:16 says, Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

Here, James is talking about emotional healing. This specific Greek word for “healing” is used one other time in scripture, seen here:

1 Peter 2:24 says, He himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed.

In the place of pain, we are offered healing.
In the place of brokenness, we are given wholeness.

Sometimes we are broken because of what others have done to us.
Or it could be because of how we have treated others.
Or how we have treated ourselves.

Forgiveness binds the wounds of the broken hearted. Especially the heart of the forgiver!

We need to offer God’s grace to whomever broke us down. Remember, the Hebrew picture of grace is God bending down to help his creation. It is an attitude of love from a greater, perfect being to a lesser, imperfect one.

A person may have done something horrible to you. You are better off without that relationship, and it should not be restored. Forgiveness may seem impossible, but anger and bitterness can keep the original pain fresh in your life for years, and even decades.

Holding on to the brokenness that person caused you is only hurting yourself. God wants you to have peace. He wants you to trust Him with your fear.

Allow God to heal you through releasing the bitterness, anger, and pain. Let the Divine Healer take the broken pieces and make you whole again.

Don’t wait to mend a broken relationship if it can be made healthy again. That friendship? It’s important to you. That co-worker? He may need Jesus, or simply a friend. And take heart, those relationships may be easier to mend than you think! My daughter’s arm wasn’t broken – it was only a sprain. The fix? A simple wrist brace for a few days.

It just takes a gentle and open spirit, and God’s grace and forgiveness in your life. Act on your willingness to love others the way God loves us, and fix what is broken today.

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