Commitment Issues? Just Roll With It

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 2.39.04 PMOnce at a youth event I changed the rules mid-game. It was guys against girls, and adults weren’t supposed to play. My bright and quick-witted leadership girls had slipped into thinking the dumb and ditzy act was a good idea. They would volunteer, then stand there twirling their hair and saying “um” for the whole minute they were in front of the group, instead of giving clues for Taboo.

It is not that hard to think of clues for “apple”, people.

I shanghi-ed the whole thing and got up there for some serious points. I think we scored ten that round. Being “smart” turned the game around, and the girls realized it wasn’t as fun when they didn’t live up to their abilities.

After that, they decided to commit to the game and do their best.

As Christians, we play around with our commitment to God all the time. We often treat God how we think the world wants us to so we can be accepted, rather than how we know He should be treated no matter what people say.

We pray sometimes, but especially when we need God in our lives because we are stressed, or anxious, or sick. We run to the Bible when we are sad, or worried, or confused.

To be clear, God wants us to come to Him about everything.

I’m all for this, except when it turns into us using God. What if you treated a person like that, only going to them when you needed something?

It would


We use God because we “need” Him, and once we are “better”, we tuck him away again until our next life struggle comes along.

This is not being committed to God. This is a lazy or confused faith that doesn’t understand who God can be in the life of a Christian.

Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

The Hebrew word for commit (gol) comes from a root (galal) that means to be “rolled away” or “to heap on” something, like stones in a pile. It is a picture of rolling away one’s trouble to someone who can help, or building an alter to sacrifice to God.

Sometimes in the Bible the word used as “ to roll” in other places is translated as “to commit or cast”. Check out 1 Peter 5:7

Cast your burdens on Him because he cares for you.

The word “cast” comes from the same word (gol) as commit. It’s the same idea of giving something to God because He is bigger, holier, and knows WAY more than you do about your life.

If you are a Christian, you have committed your life to God. You agreed He is Lord of your life, and that you will try to live for Him in all you do.

The easy part of commitment to God is rolling Him the hard stuff.
The hard part of commitment is giving God the easy stuff.

When we roll away the things in life that put us on shaky ground, we are left with a firm foundation on which to stand. When we are established and committed, we will find rest, and complete wholeness through the Holy Spirit.

Commitment to Christ isn’t just about when life gets hard. It is about the every day. When we continually “roll” with our faith, we begin to know God more. We begin to meet our potential in Christ.

And, like the girls, in Taboo, we come out as winners in the end.

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