True Colors

Hello blog world! It’s fall leavesbeen a while.

Fall is my favorite time of year, especially in my hometown. The colors of leaves burst out in bright yellows, fire-y oranges, and deep, gorgeous reds and purples.

Botanist’s say when autumn leaves change we are able to see the full color of each leaf. Chlorophyll, which is green, has overpowered the true colors of the tree since its new budding in the spring.

But chlorophyll ceases to produce when the days get shorter.
Once it fades away, we see the real colors of the leaves.

Those leaves that are now orange and yellow? They’ve been that color the WHOLE TIME, we just couldn’t see it because something else was overpowering it.

Our sinful nature, and decisions that come from it, can threaten to overpower who we really are in Christ. Bad decisions and past mistakes can haunt us, trying to tell us we are something that in truth we are not.

Sin may have reigned in our lives at some point, but with Christ as our Lord it does not reign now!

Romans 6:11 says, “In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.”

Just as the Chlorophyll ceases to produce in a leaf, your sinful nature should cease to produce thoughts, actions, and habits in you. When this happens, the peace and joy of the Lord becomes more evident in your life. The Holy Spirit can shine through you in ways it couldn’t before when sin was keeping your true life found in Christ from being seen.

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  1. How wonderful to read your blog entry again! What a great “object lesson” from something so beautifully seen today! Sends my mind straight to Romans 1:20.

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