Reading the Bible Through?

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 4.41.58 PM.pngHello people! It’s been a long time. Ministry at New Work Fellowship has been amazing, and my students and my volunteers are the best anywhere around.

I threw out a challenge for my adult volunteers to read the Bible through this year. I’ve done it for years now by myself, and it blesses me every time. Each year a different “theme” in scripture pops out, and I always catch new insights that I missed previously. God’s word truly is living and active, and I wanted that power to seep through every part of our ministry even more than it already does!

Why am I telling you this? Because there are about 24 of us who are reading the Bible through using the “Everyday with Jesus” Bible. You can click on the name, and it will take you to a link to order if you’d like like to join us. As Christians it is so important we know what we believe, and why we believe it. Part of living out our faith (because faith without works is dead, although we are saved by grace, not works) is growing in knowledge of our creator.

So… will you join us? The first entry will start tomorrow, and it will have things that popped out to me that I think would interest others. I encourage you to answer questions, ask questions yourself, weigh in on discussions, and dig deeper into scripture with us together as we all grow in the wisdom of God. Comments and discussion are encouraged, so get started with us today!


8 thoughts on “Reading the Bible Through?

  1. Four days into it and Mike and I are absolutely loving it! Carving out time in our day just to read the Word of God is helping us grow closer to Him and each other.

    • Tara, YES!!!! And the fact that God “lifted up” David’s head showed he was giving or restoring dignity to him. So not only does God shield us physically, but He gives us purpose, life, and hope!!!

  2. Loved this message:
    It is not by accident, I believe, that the Bible opens with the thunderous acclaim: “In the beginning God.” I tell you with all the conviction of which I am capable: if God is not our primary focus, then everything else will soon get out of focus.

    • Kathy, great insight! Make sure you read todays post as well, it is about this very sentence and I think you’ll find it interesting!

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